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Billing Extensions

Billing extensions allow you to implement and automate company-specific billing methods. With billing extensions, you can automatically calculate summary revenue and invoice amounts during revenue and invoice generation based on unique billing methods. These billing amounts are accounted for using events. Some examples of billing extensions you can implement are:

This essay describes the implementation steps of billing extensions, as well as the processing of billing extensions and automatic events within Oracle Projects.

We also provide you with detailed information about designing and writing billing extensions, including information about public procedures and views you can use in your billing extensions to derive additional information. Finally, we provide you with information to help you test and debug billing extensions.

Warning: The public procedures and views in the Oracle Projects billing extensions are intended for use only in billing extensions for the Generate Draft Revenue/Generate Draft Invoice process. These public procedures and views will not work standalone or in any other client extensions.

Warning: Do not use the PL/SQL commands Commit and Rollback in your billing extension code.

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