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Resolving Import Exceptions

You must correct rejected transactions before you can load them into Oracle Projects. You can correct transaction data in Oracle Projects using the Review Transactions window or in your external feeder system before you reload the data.

If you correct exceptions in your external system, you must delete the rejected rows from the interface table before reloading the corrected transactions.

This section describes how to correct rejected data, and describes reports you can use to help resolve exceptions.

Rejection Reason Codes

Transaction Import may reject importing transactions for a variety of reasons. Examples of rejection codes and their descriptions include the following:

DUPLICATE_ ITEM A transaction with the same transaction source and original transaction reference has already been imported into Oracle Projects.
INVALID_END_DATE The value for the expenditure ending date is not a valid week ending date.
INVALID_ PROJECT No project exists with the project number specified.
ITEM_NOT_IN_WEEK The expenditure item date for a timecard item does not fall within the timecard expenditure week.
PA_EXP_TASK_ TC The transaction violates an expenditure transaction control at the task level.
PA_EXP_TYPE_ INACTIVE The expenditure item date falls outside the effective dates of the expenditure type. Change the expenditure item date, expenditure type, or expenditure type dates.
You can get a complete listing of all the rejection reasons from the PA_LOOKUPS table under the lookup type of TRANSACTION REJECTION REASON. The codes are also listed in the Oracle Projects Technical Reference Manual.

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