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Organization Hierarchy

An organization hierarchy illustrates the relationships between your organizations. When you define a hierarchy, you tell Oracle Projects which organizations are subordinate to which other organizations. The topmost organization of an organization hierarchy is generally the business group.

You use the Organization Hierarchy window to specify your organization hierarchy. The organization hierarchy you define here appears in a list of values in the Implementation Options window.

You can create as many organization hierarchies as you need for different reporting and processing needs, and you can create multiple versions of an organization hierarchy. Oracle Projects uses the hierarchy version to determine which organizations are used for reporting and processing.

You specify a start organization to indicate which branch of your organization hierarchy you want Oracle Projects to recognize as the top of your hierarchy for a particular purpose. If you want to use your entire organization hierarchy, your top organization (generally the business group) is the start organization.

The following organization hierarchy versions are assigned in Oracle Projects:

If you currently use Oracle Human Resources, you can use existing hierarchies for Oracle Projects or create new hierarchies. If you do not currently use Oracle Human Resources, you must specify at least one hierarchy for Oracle Projects. You can change these organization hierarchy versions at any time. The exception to this is the Project Burdening Hierarchy. See: Specifying a Project Burdening Hierarchy.

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Organization Hierarchies

Fremont Corporation's organization hierarchy contains four organizations directly subordinate to its business group. Those organizations in turn have several subordinate organizations of their own:

Fremont Corporation uses the following information to define its default reporting organization hierarchy:
Default Reporting Organization Hierarchy
Name Oracle Projects
Number 1
Name Fremont Corporation
Fremont Corporation defines subordinate organizations as displayed in the graphic above.

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