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You can define an unlimited number of locations using the Location window. Location names appear in a list of values in any field where you enter a location such as the Organization and Enter Person windows.

Although the Location window allows you to enter detailed information about a location, Oracle Projects requires only that you provide information in the Name field for each location.

You define a location for each address your business uses. Give each location a short name and then assign it to an individual organization or to an employee. A location is easier to type than a full address, especially if many employees or organizations use it. If several organizations are located at the same address, you assign the corresponding location to each organization.

For example, if WHQ is the location for World Headquarters and West is the location for a West coast office, you assign all organizations at World Headquarters the location WHQ, and all organizations at the West coast office the location West.

You can use locations for reporting purposes. For example, you might assign one location to your corporate headquarters and another location to your large branch office on the East coast. Both of these organizations may include several subordinate organizations. You can create custom reports using these locations, such as one that breaks down the total revenue by the location of a project-owning organization.

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Site Locations

Fremont Corporation's Oracle Projects implementation team defines a location for Fremont's corporate headquarters, where most of its organizations are located.
Name HQ
Description Corporate Headquarters
City Bay Grove
State CA
Country United States
Fremont's implementation team defines a location for the East coast field office of the Fremont Construction business unit.
Name East
Description Construction - East coast field office
City Boston
State MA
Country United States
Fremont's implementation team also defines a location for the International field office of the Fremont Construction business unit.
Name International
Description Construction - International field office
City Marseilles
Country France

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