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Oracle Purchasing

When you enter project-related transactions in Oracle Purchasing, you only need to enter project information on the source document -- either the requisition or the purchase order. When you automatically create purchase orders from requisitions using Oracle Purchasing AutoCreate feature, the project information from the requisition is copied to the purchase order.

Entering Requisitions

You enter project-related purchase requisitions using the Requisitions window in Oracle Purchasing. You can enter default project information in the Requisitions Preferences window in the Project Information alternate region. This default information will be used to populate requisition distribution lines you create during your current session. The requisitions distribution line has a Project alternate region for you to enter project-related information. A requisition can have a combination of project-related and non-project-related distribution lines.


When you automatically create purchase orders from project-related requisitions in the AutoCreate Documents window, Oracle Purchasing copies the project information and the accounting information from the requisition to the purchase order. You do not need to enter any additional project-related information on your purchase order when you use this feature.

You can change the project information on the purchase order that was copied from the requisition; the project information on the requisition is not updated.

Entering Purchase Orders

If your company does not use online requisitions or the AutoCreate feature, you can enter project-related information directly on your standard purchase orders using the Purchase Orders window in Oracle Purchasing. When you use this window, you specify project-related information in the Project alternate region of the distribution line. The account information will automatically be created by the Account Generator, based on the project-related information you enter.

Entering Releases

You enter project-related releases against blanket purchase agreements and planned purchase orders using the Enter Releases window in Oracle Purchasing. When you use this window, you specify if the release distribution line is project-related. If it is project-related, you continue to enter project information for the line.

Recording Receipts and Delivery

You can track receipt and delivery of goods for project-related purchase orders using the Receipts window in Oracle Purchasing. You can report the delivery of purchased goods in your commitment reporting.

Purchased goods must be both received and delivered to be reported against your project as delivered. Oracle Purchasing does not record the received goods as delivered for your project until the goods are delivered and assigned to a purchase order distribution line.

Entering Default Project-Related Information

You can enter default project-related information for requisitions and purchase orders.

   To enter default project information for requisitions and purchase orders:

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