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Data that Oracle Projects Predefines

Oracle Projects predefines most of the information that AutoInvoice needs to create your customer invoices in Oracle Receivables, such as an invoice batch source, transaction types for your invoices and credit memos, as well as other information.

Invoice Batch Source

An invoice batch source indicates the source of an invoice that you interface to Oracle Receivables. An invoice batch source also determines how AutoInvoice processes an invoice.

The batch source controls your invoice batch numbering sequence, supplies transactions with a default transaction type and grouping rule, and indicates which calculation and validation options you want AutoInvoice to use. All Oracle Projects transactions use the same Oracle Receivables batch source. Oracle Projects predefines a batch source of PROJECTS INVOICES.

Warning: Do not modify the invoice batch source that is predefined and used by Oracle Projects.

Invoice Transaction Types

An invoice transaction type tells AutoInvoice how to process an invoice transaction. A transaction type determines whether a transaction:

Oracle Projects creates standard invoices with an invoice transaction type. An invoice credit memo transaction type reduces the amount outstanding on the original invoice by the amount of the credit and reverses the appropriate general ledger transactions.

Oracle Projects predefines two invoice transaction types for the processing of invoices:

You use the Oracle Receivables Transaction Types form to define additional transaction types. See: Define Transaction Types for Invoice Processing.

Warning: Do not modify transaction types that are predefined and used by Oracle Projects.

Line Ordering Rules

Line ordering rules tell AutoInvoice how to order Oracle Projects invoice lines on an invoice. Oracle Projects predefines an invoice line ordering rule named Projects Line Order that uses the following attributes:

Warning: Do not modify the line ordering rule that is predefined and used by Oracle Projects.

Line Grouping Rules

Line grouping rules tell AutoInvoice how to group Oracle Projects invoice lines into an invoice. Each grouping rule is associated to the batch source that you use for your invoicing.

Oracle Projects predefines a grouping rule named Projects Grouping Rule that uses the following attributes:

Warning: Do not modify the line grouping rule that is predefined and used by Oracle Projects.

Credit Memo Reason QuickCodes

Oracle Projects predefines two QuickCodes to process credit memos and writeoffs. Oracle Receivables predefines the Credit Memo Reason QuickCode Type under which Oracle Projects predefines two credit memo reason QuickCodes:

You can interface released invoices and invoice lines from Oracle Projects to Oracle Receivables whenever you are ready and as many times during an accounting period as you wish.

Submitting Processes

We recommend that you interface invoices to Oracle Receivables using Oracle Projects streamline processes. When you use a streamline process, you submit one request that interfaces invoices to Oracle Receivables, runs AutoInvoice, and ties back invoices to Oracle Projects. The streamline process submits each process sequentially. We discuss each of these processes in the pages that follow.

You use the following streamline options to interface invoices with Oracle Receivables:

You submit a streamline process by requesting the PRC: Submit Interface Streamline Process in the Submit Request window.

If you need to perform an individual function (such as interfacing invoices), you can use an individual process.

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