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Time-Phased Budgeting

You can enter a budget for the duration of the project or tasks (also known as budget at completion), or you can enter time-phased budgets which contain budget amounts by time period. You can enter time-phased budgets at the project, top task, or lowest task levels by organization and then by expenditure category within that organization.

The Budget Entry Method selected for each budget determines the duration of the budget. A time-phased budget can be delineated by one of the following time periods:

You can use different periods for different budget types. For example, you can keep a cost budget by PA Periods, a revenue budget by GL Periods, and a forecast cost budget for the duration of the project.

Start and End Dates for Non-Time-Phased Budgets

Before you can enter a non-time-phased budget, you must enter start and completion dates for the project and each task that will be budgeted. The start and end dates for the budget are automatically set to equal the start and completion dates of the project or task.

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