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The Sample Process for Account Generation

We have provided the Sample Process for Account Generation to demonstrate a sample customization of the Account Generator. The sample process shows how the Workflow functions and attributes can be used to derive account code combinations.

For a detailed description of the sample process, see: Customization Example.

Customizing the Account Generator for Oracle Projects

You must customize the default Account Generator process or create a new one, using the Oracle Workflow Builder. If you do not, Oracle Projects will display an error message when the process is called from the Oracle Payables invoice entry windows.

If you want to create a new process to meet your company's needs, use the Oracle Workflow Builder to create a new process, or copy the existing default and change its name before making extensive changes to it.

For more information on the generic features and functions of the Account Generator, see the Customizing the Account Generator section of the Oracle Applications Flexfields Guide.

For more information on how to use the Oracle Workflow Builder, see the Oracle Workflow Guide.

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