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Implementation Steps for Each Additional Operating Unit

Many of the steps you perform to implement your first Oracle Projects operating unit define parameters and features that are shared across all operating units. To set up additional operating units, you only need to perform the steps that control parameters for an individual operating unit. Similarly, some Oracle Projects setup steps define parameters that are shared across operating units associated with the same business group. You only need perform these steps once for each business group.

The table below lists steps in the Oracle Projects Implementation Checklist that need to be repeated for each additional operating unit. If your implementation requires Oracle Projects integration with other Oracle applications, you must set up the other applications for each operating unit that requires integration. For comprehensive implementation information for each product, refer to the implementation instructions in the product's User's Guide, and to Multiple Organizations in Oracle Applications.

If you have multiple business groups in your organization structure, you must complete the setup for each business group before you perform the setup steps for the related operating units. For instructions on setting up business groups, see the Human Resources setup steps (steps 2 through 7) in the Oracle Projects Implementation Checklist.

As you set up each business group, you must select a responsibility that is associated with the business group you are setting up, so that the organizations are associated with the correct business group. The business group for each responsibility is set up in the profile option HR: Security Profile.

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