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Tips for Setting Up Project Status Inquiry (PSI)

Definitions of Terms Used in This Section:

base view A view used to provide information in a window. Each base view can have up to 33 columns. The base views used by the Project Status Inquiry (PSI) window are generated in the Column Setup window when you choose the Generate View button.

cursor A pointer to a row in the database.

derived column A PSI column in which the displayed amount is derived from stored amounts using a subset of SQL expressions.

lower-level PSI views Views that were designed to improve PSI performance. These 40 or more views are used by the default PSI columns and any others that you define in the Column Setup window.

The lower-level PSI views use function calls and other sophisticated technical devices. Because of their complexity and the fact that they may change from release to release, the lower-level PSI views are not documented in the Oracle Projects Technical Reference Manual (TRM).

super views Views that contain all summarized values. The super views each contain up to 126 columns. Each super view contains all available accumulation columns for a project, task, or resource. (Some columns, such as quantities, are only applicable for resources.)

Following are the super views:

PA_STATUS_PROJ_V Project Status Window view

PA_STATUS_TASK_V Task Status Window view

PA_STATUS_RSRC_V Resource Status Window view

PSI Setup Tips

Attention: Each of the super views contains amounts for all levels of the WBS (work breakdown structure) and all resources. Therefore, you only need one cursor for each status window. For example, if budgets are maintained for the lowest-level tasks on a given project, then the parent task budget amounts will be the sum of their corresponding child task budget amounts. The sample code in the PSI client extension demonstrates how to execute one cursor in each view.

Task Accumulated Cost ITD Calculation Derived Column Value
1 100 (100 * .10) 10
1.1 60 (60 * .10) 6
1.2 40 (40 * .10) 4

SELECT	nvl(burdened_cost_itd, 0)
INTO		p_burdened_cost_itd
FROM 		pa_status_rsrc_v 
WHERE		project_id = x_project_id
AND			task_id    = x_task_id
AND			resource_list_member_id = x_resource_list_member_id;

x_derived_col_30 := ROUND(p_burdened_cost_itd * .1)

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