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Understanding the Transaction Import Interface Table

You use an import utility to load transaction information into the interface table (PA_TRANSACTION_INTERFACE_ALL) for each transaction you want to create. When you initiate importing transactions, Transaction Import validates all required transaction data in this table. After it validates the information, Transaction Import creates transactions (expenditure items) from the information in the interface table and places the transaction information in the following expenditure tables:

The interface table is organized by columns which Oracle Projects uses to categorize and store specific transaction information. For example, the column called TRANSACTION_SOURCE in PA_TRANSACTION_INTERFACE_ALL stores transaction source information.

NOT NULL Columns

You must enter values for all NOT NULL columns in the interface table to successfully create expenditures from your imported transaction data.

NULL Columns

A NULL column is a column in the interface table that does not require a value for Transaction Import to successfully create transactions from the records in the table. There are two types of NULL columns:

Conditionally Required Columns

Oracle Projects requires you to enter values in conditionally required columns only if you have entered a value in another column on which the columns are dependent. For example, if you are importing usage expenditure items, you must supply a value for the NON_LABOR_RESOURCE and NON_LABOR_RESOURCE_ORGANIZATION columns; these columns are not required for labor expenditure items. See: PA_TRANSACTION_INTERFACE_ALL Table Description.

Optional Columns

You can use some columns in the interface table to import additional information for the transactions that Transaction Import creates. Transaction Import imports the data that you load into these optional columns, provided that the information passes the validation checks that Transaction Import requires.

System Assigned Columns

Oracle Projects assigns values to the columns listed below during the import process. Your import file must leave these columns blank.

Defaulted Column

If a transaction does not have an expenditure type class assigned to it, Oracle Projects uses the expenditure type class assigned to the item's transaction source as the default value.

Additional Transaction Interface Tables

Oracle Projects uses the PA_TRANSACTION_ XFACE_CTRL_ALL table to control processing of transactions by the Transaction Import program. You must not insert or update records in this table directly. This table is populated by database triggers when you load or update the PA_TRANSACTION_INTERFACE table.

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