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Competence-Based Assessments

An assessment is an information gathering exercise, from one or many sources, to evaluate a person's ability to do a job. Through the web and workflow-based access, managers and employees can measure and record a score of how the person has performed against each competence. This provides clear and accessible measures, for example, 'Is the person demonstrating the specified behavior at the level defined?` or 'Does the person have the knowledge or skills required to operate effectively?'

Some assessments will simply ask one or more people to rate a person according to some agreed scale, in other cases, questionnaires may be devised that ask about different aspects of the of the person's work.

Proficiency- and Performance-Based Assessments

In Oracle Human Resources, we use the term proficiency-based assessment to express the perceived level of expertise of a person, in the opinion of the assessor, over a given period. For example, a person may demonstrate communication skills at Expert level. We use the term performance-based assessment, however, to measure an expectation of "normal" performance of a competence over a given period. For example, a person may exceed performance expectation in the communication competence.

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