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Why is Measurement Useful?

Once you have measured how people have performed against each competence, and at what level, you are ready to record applicant and employee accomplishments in the Competence Profile. You can keep the profile up-to-date by entering results when an employee first joins the enterprise, and then after each assessment or appraisal. Through the web and workflow-based access, employees are involved in the process of planning, managing and reviewing their own progress.

Once your employee competencies and proficiency levels are held in Competence Profiles (and job requirements in their own profile), you can use the information to analyse visually which competencies a person (or group of people) possess, and which competencies are required by jobs or positions now, or in the near future. You can use the results of the Competence Gap processes to identify areas where you need to recruit or train employees, and so on. You can also affect motivation by various types of incentive, whether monetary- or opportunity-based.

Once you have assessed measurable behavior, you can change it!

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