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Advantages of the Common Competence Framework

A common framework for describing and assessing competencies speeds the deployment process within your enterprise. This is both cost-effective and desirable. Imagine how quickly your managers can respond to new challenges when they can identify and select employees and applicants on a common basis--they can also match employees and applicants with opportunities that arise across the whole enterprise. This ability to perform global deployment effectively, through a 'virtual job market', provides your enterprise with the competitive edge with deployment. Consider being able to create opportunities in the US and recruit globally using common terminology to build up teams with complementary skills.

Improving employee development and motivating employees are other important aspects of cost-effective human resource management. By surfacing enterprise goals and commonly valued skills and behaviors, you can ensure that employees develop not only technical and job-specific skills, but also broader skills that ensure they continue to be marketable within the enterprise.

Assessing the applicant or contractor pool is another key area where a common framework helps your enterprise to cut costs. With Oracle Human Resources, you can assess on an enterprise-wide basis, ensuring that an able candidate is not rejected because of a mismatch for one vacancy when other suitable vacancies exist, reducing recruitment overheads.

If your enterprise is 'knowledge-based' rather than skills-based (such as financial services or a software provider), a common approach also enables you to assess and use the competencies your employees possess to gain a competitive edge.

Attention: This software should not be used as the sole method of assessment for making judgements about hiring, performance or deployment. Your company may be held liable if you rely on incorrect computer data or computerized rules to make such judgements.

It is the customer's responsibility to take all appropriate measures to comply with the Data Protection and Privacy laws of the countries in which they operate.

All personal information that you store or use with this software must be up to date, accurate and relevant. You should confirm the details of the restrictions that apply to the computerized storage and use of personal information with your own legal department or representative.

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