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Career Management - A Fully Tailorable, Proactive Management Tool

Now that you have chosen Oracle Human Resources, you can take advantage of a fully tailorable, sophisticated and proactive management tool to handle your human resources activities. From assessments to appraisals, employee profiling and career development, you can find powerful and easy-to-use features that let you take control of your employee processes using the web, and intuitive graphical tools.

Information Infrastructure

Oracle Human Resources provides you with the advantages of an information infrastructure for common systems of performance management across the enterprise. By providing a repository for all your employee and applicant competence and performance information, everyone within your enterprise can enter, review and integrate the information with that of other computerised applications, quickly and easily. Using the integrated Oracle Applications suite, you are able to answer such questions as "Did the introduction of the new incentive programme coincide with positive changes in manufacturing output?", "Has the gap between required skills and accomplishments changed in salespeople, and has the change affected revenue?" and "How much did we spend per head on training, and how does this relate to improved performance?".

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