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Web and Workflow Access (LMDA and EDA)

Oracle Human Resources provides you with web and workflow-based access for many line manager and employee end-user activities through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Alternatively, you can perform many activities using standard Oracle HRMS windows.

We've looked hard at the administrative aspects of collecting, approving and acting on assessment and appraisal information and sought to automate these processes using Oracle Workflow. Our graphical Workflow designer enables you to change these processes to match your own requirements, and to change them at will to ensure that your administration is streamlined.

For a full description of all web and workflow-based access, and how to configure the application for the web, see: Oracle HRMS Applications for the Web Configuration Guide.

See Also

Which Activities are Available Using Windows, LMDA and EDA?

Line Manager Direct Access (LMDA)

Line Manager Direct Access (LMDA) enables line managers to perform sophisticated searches to identify people by skills, personal characteristics, applicant or employee information. The `person list' generated from the search is used for processes such as graphical comparisons, group ranking, appraisals and assessments. Managers can save the list and use it many times, enabling them to easily access the people they deal with frequently.

Managers can perform a number of view and update activities on the group of people for whom they have secure access. This security mechanism is shared with the client server HRMS Application, and includes organization, position and payroll-based security.

Providing Views

Line managers can view information that can include a number of drill down stages. This enables line mangers to view:

Employee Direct Access (EDA)

Employee Direct Access (EDA) enables employees to access their own information and the relevant details for their contacts or dependents. For example, it enables employees to change their address or change their competence profile.

For a summary of the activities you can perform using using standard Oracle HRMS windows, Line Manager and Employee Direct Access, see Which Activities are Available Using Windows, LMDA and EDA?.

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