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Configurable Web Interface

Our highly configurable web interface enables you to create templates for your appraisal and assessments to meet your unique needs. You can include your own questions, the competencies that are assessed and the method your users make ratings and weightings of competencies or objectives. So, although you are using a common language, you can tailor appraisals and assessments for different parts of your enterprise to ensure that competencies that apply to to small populations are assessed as well as 'core' competencies.

Most web pages supplied can be configured to change help text, page titles, corporate logos and navigation buttons, and so on. You can change pages to fit your corporate style and include your own pages alongside the supplied pages to provide a complete HR information repository for your employees.

Where it is essential to be able to define the fields included on a web page to customize it for your organization, such as defining an offer template for hiring candidates that includes questions about terms and conditions, Oracle Web Employees provides facilities to configure pages to your exact needs.

For more information, see: Oracle HRMS Applications for the Web Configuration Guide.

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