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Describing and Assessing Measureable Behavior

One of the major features of Oracle Human Resources is the ability to hold the accomplishments of your people, enabling you to compare them against the competence profile for job and position requirements. It also enables you to match them to projects, develop succession plans, and organize further training and certification.

See: Creating a Competence Profile

You measure and record a score of how the person has performed against each competence during assessment. This provides clear and accessible performance measures (Is the person demonstrating the specified behavior at the level defined? Does the person have the knowledge or skills required to operate effectively?). You hold applicant and employee accomplishments in a person's Competence Profile. You can then use the assessment results to analyse what is required to get the people with the right competencies in place. You can do this by hiring people, developing or training them.

By measuring competencies grouped into an assessment (for example, a Managerial or Engineering assessment), you focus attention on the behaviors and proficiency or performance of individuals and their ability to get things done. (Do not worry about proficiency or performance here, we describe both in What Type of Assessment do you Want to Perform?).

See: Assessing and Appraising Employees

Suitability Matching

You might use assessment scores during a suitability search to fill a job or position. You can use powerful Suitability Search tools to search for and match the most suitable person to a job or position. This might be performed during recruitment, succession planning, and so on. You can search by:

See: Suitability Matching

Perform Competence Gap Analysis

In future releases, assessments scores will be used by the Competence Gap processes. This will enable you to analyse visually which competencies a person (or group of people) possess, and which competencies are required by jobs or positions. You can analyse which competencies are required now, or in the near future.

The Competence Gap module graphically represents (by line or bar chart) the gap between a person's, or group of people's, competencies and what the enterprise requires.

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