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Matching People Using Web-Based Access

Career Management provides you with web-based access for many line manager and employee end-user processes. You can use the powerful web based tool 'Suitability Search' to search for and match the most suitable person to a job or position. This might be performed during recruitment, succession planning, and so on. You can search by:

In your search, you can identify which competencies are required and which are optional. You can also search for people with a proficiency level in a specific competence, at a required level and above (or below). Suitability Search then produces a list of all people who possess the required and optional competencies, at the level defined. For example, if you asked for people proficient in a competence at level 3 and above, the search will not include people below 3 in that competence in the search.

You can also rank any of the optional competencies, and the Suitability Search Match module then produces a list of all people (or jobs and positions) who possess the required competencies, and ranks those according to the rating given to the optional competencies.

In future releases, you'll be able to include work choices in your search. These are factors that can affect an employee's, applicant's, contractor's or ex-employee's capacity to be deployed within the enterprise (or to customers). You can hold work choices at both job and position or at person level. Look at the flexibility Career Management provides by enabling you to identify, for example, that a specific job or position requires the incumbent to be able to work in any country, and the search returns only people who match that criterion.

Suitability searching also enables you to:

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