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Which Method Should You Use?

We suggest you employ the following strategy. Use the individual method if most of the competencies within your enterprise comprise of proficiency levels unique to individual competencies. Then, you can create competencies with their unique proficiency levels, providing your enterprise with a number of equivalent systems for measuring performance. Alternatively, use a general rating scale if a number of competencies within your enterprise have a common set of proficiency levels. You can then ensure consistency between measurements.

You can, of course, use a mixture of both, but whatever method you use, ensure that you give high numbers to high ratings (and low numbers to low ratings). You need to do this, for example, to ensure any bar charts you produce while performing competence gap analysis are useful.

Imagine the flexibility of being able to use a general method to measure your core competencies, for example, and an individual method to measure specific job and position competencies throughout your global enterprise.

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