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Grouping Competencies is Useful

Grouping competencies is also useful, for:

You measure and evaluate behavior that a person demonstrates at the competence level, and not at the competence type level.

Figure 1 - 28 illustrates related competencies grouped by type Management Skills.

You can also group a competence into more than one competence type. For example, the competence Oral Skills can be grouped into both the Management Skills and the Interpersonal Relationships competence type.

Where Do You Create Competence Types?

You create the competence types using the QuickCode COMPETENCE_TYPE, then you group competencies into types using the Competence Type window.

Deleting or Adding Competencies into Types

Once you have used a competence type in HRMS (in an assessment, for example), you can query back and view it, but you cannot delete or add competencies to that type. This ensures that you cannot accidentally delete or add competencies to groups in use.

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