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Identifying Qualifications and Delivering Competencies

Competencies can have identified qualification methods, such as a license or a test. You can enter the qualifications that your enterprise recognises to include only the ones that you want in a person's Competence Profile.

Delivering Competences Through Training Activities (Oracle Training Administration)

You can deliver competencies at a specific proficiency level through training activities your enterprise (or an outside supplier) provides. A training activity is an abstract term for any planned undertaking that improves a student's competencies (qualifications, experience, and so on).

You can enter the competencies and proficiency levels that your training activities are expected to deliver using the Delivered Competencies window. You can then update a person's Competence Profile after they have successfully gained the competence.

Note: You must purchase Oracle Training Administration (OTA) separately to use this functionality.

See: Using Competencies or Skills.

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