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Creating Qualification Types

Competencies can have identified qualification methods, such as a license or a test, for example, a life-saving qualification or a degree. You can enter all the ones your enterprise recognises, this includes:

Not only can you enter different types of qualifications, but you can also rank them, if required. For example, you could rank a masters degree as 1, a degree as 2, 'A' levels as 3, and so on. You can also rank equivalent qualifications at the same level. For example, you can rank a degree and a BTEC Higher as level 2. This is useful, for example, if you later want to do an ad hoc query and find all people within the category of Education, with a qualification of 2 or above.


You'll need to enter enter the following QuickCode:

Use the Qualification Types window to create your qualifications.

To create qualification types:

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