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Can You Copy Competencies?

You can copy the core competencies and proficiency levels to the organization, job or position, saving you time. You can then make changes to the competencies, if required, for example, change the proficiency levels, enter a grade, or change the dates between which the competence is valid.

You can also copy competencies and proficiency levels from organizations, jobs or positions to other organizations, jobs or positions. This enables you to quickly and easily to define your enterprise's competence requirements.

Retrieving the Correct Proficiency Levels

When you are setting up your competence requirements for an organization, job or position, Oracle Human Resources retrieves the correct proficiency levels (defined when you created the competence). This ensures that you always select the right proficiency level for the competence.

Defining Essential Competencies and Different Grades

You can identify whether a competence is essential by an organization, job or position, or whether is optional. If you indicate that a competence is essential, when you later perform suitability matching, only the people who possess the competence at the specified proficiency level are retrieved in the search.

You can also identify different competencies for different grades, each with their accompanying proficiency levels. This enables you to keep a history of the competencies for an organization, job, position or grade over time.

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