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Adding New Fields to Windows

The predefined fields in Oracle HRMS windows are designed to meet your core information requirements. However, like all enterprises, you may have special requirements that are best met by fields that you design yourself. Oracle HRMS provides a flexible mechanism called descriptive flexfields to enable you to add fields to windows.

The following figure illustrates the distinctive appearance of descriptive flexfields. When users click in a flexfield that you have set up, a window opens, displaying up to 20 segments that you have defined.

Defining Segments

For each segment, you can define its prompt, the type of data it can contain, and the values a user can enter. You can provide a list or range of valid values. You also control the size and display characteristics of each segment and the order in which the segments appear.

You can define two types of descriptive flexfield segments:

Attention: Some descriptive flexfields appear in more than one window. For example, the Additional Evaluation Details flexfield appears in the Job Evaluation window and the Position Evaluation window.

Check all of the windows that use a descriptive flexfield before you define any of the segments. This is especially important if you intend to make the flexfield context sensitive to another field. You must ensure that the reference field is present in all of the windows that use the flexfield.

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