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Defining Customized Forms

You can define customized versions of certain forms in the Form Customization window.

See: List of Customizable Forms

Note: If you want to restrict access to query-only for a form, you do not need to create a customized version. Instead you create a new form function, setting the QUERY_ONLY parameter to YES.

See: Setting Up Query-only Access to Forms

To define a customized version of a form:

Adding the Customized Form to a Menu or Task Flow

If you want to add the customized form to a task flow, you must create a Task Flow Node for it.

If the customized form is called directly from the Navigator window, your System Administrator must define a menu function to call the form with the customization. The System Administrator can add this function to any menu.

Note: If you want to use a customized version of the People form, People Folder, or Assignment Folder to start a task flow, you should define a new customized task flow node and then define a menu function to call the task flow.

See Also

Defining Task Flow Nodes

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