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Linking Windows in Task Flows

To complete many tasks, users need to use more than one window. For example, to hire a new employee, users typically go from the Person window, to the Address window, to the Special Information window, to the Assignment window, and so on.

You can link these windows together in a task flow so that the user can choose a button to bring up each window in turn without returning to the menu. The first window in the task flow defines the context of the subsequent windows. For example, if the task flow begins with the People window, all subsequent information is entered for the person you enter or query in the People window.

You can include customized forms in task flows. For example, you might create a customized version of the People window that handles applicants only. Then you could use this customization in a recruitment task flow.

Task flows can follow a sequential or a branched structure, as shown in the following two figures. You can choose how many navigation options users have from each window in the task flow. You can also choose the labels that appear on the navigation buttons, and you can define access keys.

Oracle HRMS supplies a predefined task flow that includes all the windows that you can use in task flows. It is designed as a simple structure to use during implementation, not as a recommended structure for users.

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