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Defining Task Flows

You define task flows in the Define Task Flow window. If there is a similar existing task flow, you can copy it to form the basis of your new flow.

Including the Assignment Window in Taskflows

Using the combined People and Assignment form (PERWSHRG), rather than the separate forms (PERWSEPI and PERWSEMA), means the Assignment window opens more quickly from the People window.

Attention: We therefore recommend that you use the combined form in any taskflow that requires both windows. The seeded taskflows use the combined form.

When users move down a task flow from the combined form, the Assignment window remains visible in the background. They can return to the Assignment window by closing their current window. Therefore you should not define a button to call the Assignment window.

However, if you are defining a task flow to the Assignment window from any window except the People window, you should use the Assignment form (PERWSEMA). In this case you may wish to add an Assignment button to any forms below the Assignment window in the taskflow. This allows users to return to the Assignment window without going back to the top window.


To define a task flow:

To copy an existing task flow:

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