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Setting Up Navigation Menus

Users access standard windows, customized windows, and the first window in a task flow through the menu structure displayed in the Navigator window. Each responsibility is associated with a single menu structure. Using Function Security System Administrators can further restrict access to individual menu options.

By defining menus with function security for groups of users, you can:

Each responsibility you define must be linked to one root menu, which is the list of menu options displayed when the Navigator window first opens.

The Default Menu Structure

The AutoInstall program creates a default menu structure for your HRMS product. This menu structure lets you access all of the windows for your system. Normally, only a System Administrator has access to the full default menu structure.

Using function security you can use this default menu for any number of responsibilities and restrict access to the default menu options. You can also define any number of new functions and menus to restrict the access of other users. To view the hierarchy of menus you have defined, you can run the Menu Structures Report.

The supplied menus give you access to all of the available submenus. However, a number of seeded functions are not enabled on these menus. You need to add them for the responsibilities that should have access to these functions:

Suggestions for Structuring Menus

Menus can be structured in different ways:

When you define a new menu you should start by drawing it out on paper. This will help you to decide the best structure and the best prompts and descriptions. Work from the lowest level of sub-menu to the highest and define the root menu as the last step in the sequence.

You can define as many submenus as you require under each menu option. We recommend that you restrict the number of menu levels to three because a menu structure with more levels is cumbersome to use.

Opening Multiple Forms

In most Oracle Applications, you can open multiple forms from the Navigator window without closing the form you already have open.

Attention: You must disable this feature on a menu structure that accesses Oracle HRMS task flows. To prevent the confusion of working with multiple effective dates, you should also disable this feature if your menu structure accesses Oracle HRMS datetracked forms.

To disable the Multiple Open Form feature:

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