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Defining an Element (HR Users)

Use the Element window to create compensation and benefit types.

Attention: This topic explains how to define elements using an HR responsibility. If you want to define elements to be processed in a payroll run by Oracle Payroll, you must use a Payroll Responsibility. That is, your HR User Type profile option must be Payroll User or HR with Payroll User. This enables you to see additional fields in the Element window in which you can enter information about how the element is to be processed.


To enter dates, names and a classification for the element:

Processing Information

To enter processing information for the element:


To define currencies for element entry values:

Qualifying Conditions

To define qualifying conditions for receiving the element:

Further Information

You can enter the Further Information field if your Oracle localization team has set up additional fields for element definition.

To define input values for the element, choose the Input Values button.

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