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Element Processing Option Examples

The options you choose in the Processing Region of the Element window determine the type of entries that can be made for the element and when they can be made.

Multiple Entries

Suppose you define a nonrecurring element for entering the overtime hours worked by monthly-paid employees. If you enter the hours on a weekly basis, you might need to give an employee five entries of the overtime element in each pay period. You need to enable more than one entry of the element in each pay period by checking the Multiple Entries Allowed check box.

Additional Entries

Suppose you define a recurring bus allowance element to be paid every week to employees working at a particular location. You give these employees a normal recurring entry of the element so that they receive the allowance automatically each week.

However, you also want to give the allowance to other employees temporarily working at the same location. You need to check the Additional Entries Allowed check box so that you can give these employees a one-off (nonrecurring) entry of the element.

Notice that for an element defined in this way, an assignment could have:

The assignment could have several normal recurring entries of the element (if you also checked the Multiple Entries Allowed check box). However, it can only have one additional entry in a pay period.

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