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Ending Employment

If an employee is leaving your enterprise, you terminate him or her. This changes the person type to ex-employee and ends all assignments.

The ex-employee's records remain in the database. You can reinstate, or rehire, the person to create a new period of service.

Since terminating ends all assignments, the system does not permit you to terminate an employee who has future-dated assignments.

Note: If you have mistakenly added someone to the database or you want to remove all records for an ex-employee, you can delete the person in the Delete Person window. You cannot delete an employee whom Oracle Payroll has processed in a payroll run.

See: Deleting a Person from the System

If you mistakenly hired an applicant, you can cancel the hire in the Person window.

See: Hiring

Terminating an Employee

You end employment in the Terminate window.

To terminate an employee:

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