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Ending an Assignment

Oracle HRMS does not permit an employee to exist in the system without an active assignment. That is, an employee must always have at least one active assignment at any point in time. This means that for an employee with just one active assignment, the only way to end the assignment is to terminate the employee, using the Terminate window.

See: Ending Employment

For employees with more than one active assignment, you can end all but one of their assignments by selecting an assignment status of End or Terminate in the Assignment window. Sites not using Oracle Payroll can use these two statuses to provide information. For example, End may mean that further pay processing cannot occur for the assignment, while Terminate may mean that further processing can occur. Alternatively, these sites can simply use the status End.

At sites using Oracle Payroll, the choice of End or Terminate controls the ability to include the assignment in a payroll run after the date the assignment ends, as explained in the procedure below.

To end one of many assignments:

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