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Changing Assignment Information

When an employee experiences changes such as a promotion, transfer, or move from full time to part time, you change a component of the assignment. A change to any of the assignment components produces the DateTrack prompt.

By changing your effective date on the system, you can see the employee's assignment at any point in time. You can also view the changes made to the assignment over time using DateTrack History.

DateTrack History shows the changes made to one assignment. Use the Assignment History window to view the history of all the employee's assignments, both currently and in any previous periods of service.

Effects of Changing an Assignment

Changing any assignment component can have the following effects:

Note: If an assignment change causes the system to change element entries, you may not be able to save the change if a current or future pay period is closed. You must reopen the period or change your effective date to make the change.

Changing Primary Assignments

Over time, a secondary assignment may need to be elevated to a primary assignment. Most companies have requirements to show the history of changes in an employee's record.

This process will create two historical records: one showing a secondary assignment that lasted from x day to y date, and the other showing that the primary assignment started as one set of components and then changed to another set of components (which are the same as the secondary assignment) as of a particular date.

To change a primary assignment:

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