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Entering a New Assignment

You enter new assignments in the Assignment window. You must hire applicants before you can create an employee assignment for them. The details of the employee assignment default from their accepted application.

To enter a new assignment:

Supervisor Region

You can enter the name and employee number of the employee's personal supervisor.

Note: This information shows the personal supervisor for an employee and is not updated by the system. Use organization and position hierarchies to show management reporting lines.

Probation Period and Standard Conditions Regions

The probation period and standard work day information default from the employee's position. If standard conditions are not defined for the position, they may default from the employee's organization or Business Group.

Miscellaneous Region

The Internal Address adds address details (such as the floor or office number) to the location address.

You can select a reason for adding or changing the assignment. You define valid reasons as values for the QuickCode Type EMP_ASSIGN_REASON.

Check the Manager check box if the assignment is at the level of manager.

Check the Primary check box if it is the employee's only assignment or main assignment.

Special Ceiling Region

A special ceiling progression point is the highest point to which the Increment Progression Points process can automatically progress the employee.

You can enter a special ceiling if the employee is assigned to a grade, and a grade scale is defined for this grade. This special ceiling overrides the ceiling defined for the grade scale.

Salary Information Region

Using the Salary Administration window, you can enter a proposed salary change for an employee, associate this change with a performance review, and accept or revise the change later. To administer an employee's salary in this way, you first assign the employee to a salary basis in the Salary Information region.

You can also enter the frequency of salary and performance reviews.

Attention: If you change an employee's salary basis to a basis that uses a different salary element, the employee's existing salary element entry will be ended. Using the Salary Administration window, you should make a new salary entry for the employee, effective from the date of the salary basis change.

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