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Identifying Employees and Assignments

In Oracle HRMS there are two unique identifiers for employees:

Employee Number

The Employee Number uniquely identifies every employee in your Business Group.

An employee can have only one Employee Number. You decide how this number is to be generated when you define your Business Group:

If you choose automatic or national identifier number generation, the employee number, by default, remains the same for an employee who has multiple periods of service. If you choose manual number entry, you can update the number at any time.

The employee name and number appear together in windows dealing with 'people information', such as the People window and View Absence History window. In these windows you can select an employee by name or by employee number.

Employee Assignment Number

The employee assignment number uniquely identifies every assignment that exists within your Business Group. An employee can have one or more than one assignment, and therefore more than one assignment number.

The system automatically generates the assignment number and by default, it is the same as the employee number. You can manually override the default assignment numbers the system generates. For example, you might want to use this number to store a payroll code.

If an employee has a second current assignment, the system also generates the second Assignment Number by default from the Employee Number, as in the following example:

Employee Name Samantha Green
Employee Number 1012
1st Assignment Number 1012
2nd Assignment Number 1012-02

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