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Using Multiple Assignments

Relocations, transfers, promotions and so on go on record as datetracked changes to employees' existing assignments; you do not enter new assignments for changes like these.

However if your enterprise permits employees to work in two or more different capacities at once and thereby become eligible for different benefits, you can enter additional assignments for them.

You can maintain multiple assignments for any employee, but must designate one as the primary assignment. Oracle HRMS separately manages each assignment, and its associated compensation and benefits.

To show that an assignment is part time, you use the employment categories Part Time - Regular or Part Time - Temporary. You could also set up a Full Time Equivalent budget, and weight each assignment as a fraction of a full time equivalent for the calculation of actual values.

Notice that when employees split their time between two departments performing the same job, or fulfill two different roles in one organization, you do not need to define two separate assignments to maintain accurate costing records. You can set up cost allocation to distribute proportions of one assignment's payroll costs to different cost centers.

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