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Assignment Statuses

You use assignment statuses to track temporary or permanent departures of employees from your enterprise. Temporary departures include paid or unpaid leaves of absence that you may allow employees to take for a number of reasons.

Examples may include absences caused by industrial action or jury service.

Primary Statuses

There are four system statuses for employee assignments:

On your system, you may give these statuses different user statuses appropriate to your enterprise. Each system status can in fact have several user statuses related to it. For example, for the system status Suspend Assignment, you can have the user statuses Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave and Military Leave.

These statuses are primary because they determine how the system processes and manages the assignment. An assignment must have one, and only one, primary status at a given time. You enter this status in the Assignment window.

See: Entering a New Assignment

Using Assignment Statuses to Control Compensation

When you define user statuses, consider how you will use them in reports, inquiries, and processing.

When you use a validation formula to validate entries to element input values, you can make the valid values for an entry dependent on the assignment status.

To use the statuses to control whether the payroll run processes an employee assignment, you choose a payroll status of Process or Do not Process for each user status. Additionally, in Oracle Payroll you can set up your pay calculation formulas so that a status change also changes the formula used to calculate the employee's pay. For example, an employee might receive half pay while on Military Leave.

See: Using Oracle FastFormula for Validation

Additional Information: Refer to your Oracle Payroll manual for information on the use of assignment statuses in the Formula Result Rules window to control the payroll formula that processes for an employee.

Secondary Assignment Statuses

For analysis and reporting purposes, you can set up and use secondary assignment statuses, for both employee and applicant assignments. These statuses have no effect on assignment processing.

For example, suppose your primary status Maternity Leave applies to employees both when a child is born and when one is adopted, and you want to study its use in these two cases. To accomplish this you can set up the secondary statuses Maternity Birth and Maternity Adopt, and enter them for employees taking maternity leave.

You enter secondary statuses for an employee assignment or an applicant assignment in the Secondary Statuses window.

To enter reasons for giving secondary statuses to assignments, define valid reasons as values for the QuickCode Type EMP_SEC_ASSIGN_REASON (for employee assignments) and APL_SEC_ASSIGN_REASON (for applicant assignments).

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