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Defining Assignment Statuses

You define both primary and secondary user statuses your enterprise uses for employee and applicant assignments in the Assignment Statuses window.

Defining Primary User Statuses

You can give your own user status names to the predefined system statuses. For example, for applicants you could use the user status "Rejected" for the system status "Terminate Application". Oracle HRMS users see user statuses only.

You can also supply more than one user status for each system status. For example, for employees you can define several different user statuses for the system status Suspend Assignment, such as Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave, Disability Leave, Military Leave or Education Leave.

For applicants, you can track the stages of your selection process by means of user statuses. You can define user statuses such as Application Received, Application Acknowledged, First Interview, and Second Interview for the system status Active Application. These statuses can trigger production of standard letters.

See: Tracking Applicant Progress

To rename a user status:

To supply additional user statuses for a system status:

You cannot delete a user status, but you can prevent its use by deactivating it. To deactivate a user status, uncheck the Active check box.

Defining Secondary Statuses

A user status associated with a system status is called a primary status because it determines how the system processes the assignment. You can also define secondary statuses not associated with a system status. You use secondary statuses for analysis and reporting, but not to control pay processing for assignments.

To create a secondary status:

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