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Entering Payment Methods for an Employee Assignment

For each employee assignment, you can enter one or more payment methods, selecting from the list of valid methods for the employee's payroll.

If you enter multiple methods (for example because the employee is paid from more than one source account), you can enter the proportion of pay for each method and its processing priority. An assignment can have two instances of the same payment method, for example if salary is divided between two bank accounts.

Employees with no personal payment method on record receive pay by the default payment method of their payrolls.

You enter payment methods for employee assignments in the Personal Payment Method window. You can also use this window to enter the payee for third party payments.


To enter a personal payment method for remuneration:

To enter a third party payment method:

You can select this third party payment method in the Payee Details entry value when you enter a deduction to be paid as a third party payment.

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