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Defining a Payroll

A payroll is a set of employees whose pay you process with a single frequency, for example, weekly or monthly. You can define as many payrolls as you require to meet the pay policies of your enterprise. You put an employee on a payroll by assigning him or her to the payroll.

Use the Payroll window to define a payroll, including its calendar and valid payment methods.

Period Types and Calendars

Since a payroll has only one pay frequency, you must define at least one payroll for each pay frequency you use. Table 1 - 5 shows the valid period types for pay frequency.

Payroll Period Types Periods per Year
Year 1
Semi-Year 2
Quarter 4
Bi-Month 6
Calendar Month 12
Lunar Month 13
Semi-Month 24
Bi-Week 26
Week 52


To create a new payroll:

Deleting Payrolls

You can delete a payroll if there are no active employee assignments or element links to it. However, if you have run processing for a payroll it is not advisable to delete it. If necessary, define a new payroll and simply discontinue use of the old payroll.

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