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Setting Up the Cost Allocation Key Flexfield

You must define at least one segment of the Cost Allocation key flexfield; you can define up to thirty. You can define a list of valid codes or values for each segment. If you plan to transfer costing information to Oracle General Ledger, you should set up at least one segment of the Cost Allocation key flexfield that maps onto segments of the Oracle General Ledger Accounting key flexfield.

Users can enter values in the flexfield segments in the following windows:

You decide which segments of your flexfield appear in which window. For example, suppose you define a Cost Center segment. You may want it to appear in the Costing Information window for the organization, so that users can associate one cost center with each organization. You may also want it to appear in the Costing window for the assignment so that users can override the organization's cost center code for employees who do not spend all their time working for one organization.

Notice that you can override a code entered at a higher level by a code entered at a lower level. For example, if an employee normally works on Project 501, you enter this code at the assignment level. If the employee works temporarily on Project 602, you can allocate some of the assignment's costs to that code at the element entry level for one or more pay periods.

You define which flexfields segments appear in which windows by qualifying each segment with the levels at which it should be displayed. Table 1 - 6 lists the six levels and the types of segment that are typically displayed for user entry at each level.

Level Qualifiers for this Level Typical Segments Displayed at this Level
Organization Organization cost centers
Payroll Payroll company code, set of books
Element Link Element, Balancing GL account codes for costing and balancing
Assignment Assignment project or product codes, or cost centers that do not map onto organizations
Element Entry Element Entry project or product codes (for employees who submit timesheets)

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