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Listing Assignments

There are three predefined inquiry windows for producing lists of assignments that match criteria you enter:

Assignments Folder

Using the Assignments Folder window, you can query lists of current assignments, past assignments, or both. You select the fields of assignment information you want to see, and position them in the order you prefer. For example, you can produce a listing of all current employees ordered by organization, and by grade within organization.

The system saves your inquiry and field formatting as a folder so you can rerun the inquiry at any time. You can make this folder available to all users, or save it as a private folder.

Note: The system administrator can create customized versions of the Assignments Folder window so that you use each version for one person type only.

The system administrator can also link this window in a task flow so that you use it to access other windows of employment information. Notice that if you select a past assignment in the folder, you cannot open other windows of employment information.

List Assignments Window

In this window, you can view current employees and applicants. If you enter the Job, Position, Grade, or Group fields, a window opens prompting you for individual segments of the flexfield. You can enter selection criteria in one or more segments. This means that you can search on parts of the job name, for example.

List People by Assignment Window

In this window you can choose whether to view current or former employees/applicants, or both. However, you must search on a whole Job, Position, or Grade name, not on segments of these flexfields.

To produce lists of assignments:

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