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Entering Elements

You enter compensation and benefits for employee assignments in the Element Entries window. If the employee is assigned to a salary basis, you enter his or her salary in the Salary Administration window.

You can use the Element Entries window to make entries or to inquire on existing entries. Use the Period field, Classification field, and Processing Types option buttons to restrict the entries you see when making inquiries.

The Processed check box displays whether Oracle Payroll has processed the entry in the current pay period.

To enter an element for an employee assignment:

Adjusting a Pay Value

Oracle Payroll users can adjust the Pay Value of any normal recurring payroll element entry. When you open the Entry Values window for an entry of this kind, you will see a Show Adjustment check box in the lower left corner of the window.

You cannot adjust an entry that has been overridden.

Note: You do not see this check box until you have saved the entry.

To adjust a Pay Value:

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