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Automatic or Manual Element Entry

If an element is defined as recurring with standard links, the system makes an entry automatically for all eligible assignments.

Suggestion: If you are defining elements for information only, aim to define recurring elements with standard links and default values. This reduces your manual data input requirements to a minimum.

If an element is nonrecurring, or if you have enabled multiple entries for a recurring element, you cannot define standard links. This means you must make a manual entry of the element. You can make entries individually or in a batch, for fast data entry.

Manual Entries for Recurring Elements

You can start entries for a recurring element at any point in time. Use DateTrack to set the Effective Start Date of an entry, to update values, and to maintain history for the entry.

Values you enter for a recurring element remain effective for all subsequent processing periods until you change the element entry. A recurring element entry ends if the employee ceases to be eligible for the element, for example after a change of work assignment.

Manual Entries for Nonrecurring Elements

When you define an element as nonrecurring you are saying that an entry made for this element is effective for only the current pay period. To make the entry, you set your effective date to any date in the appropriate pay period.

Any changes you make to individual entries are always corrections. There can be no history of element entries within a payroll period. However, the entries for each period (if any) are stored as history for an employee.

Note: Effective Start and End Dates for a nonrecurring entry are the dates of the pay period. As a result, employees must be assigned to a payroll before they can have nonrecurring element entries.

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