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User Definable Key Flexfields

In Oracle HRMS there are six user definable key flexfields, for each of which you can define up to 30 segments:

The Personal Analysis key flexfield is different from the others. You can set up an unlimited number of structures for this flexfield. Each separate structure can have up to 30 segments.

How the Key Flexfields Are Used

Oracle HRMS uses key flexfields in a number of distinct ways:

Unique Identifiers

The Job, Position, and Grade Name flexfields let you create a unique name, which is a combination of separate components or segments. You use these flexfields when you are defining the work structures that exist in your enterprise.

Suggestion: When you are defining your requirements for these key flexfields you should consider the following points.

The task of defining the segment combinations is normally restricted to one or two users only. Therefore, you may not need to use value sets, or cross validation rule options to control the values that can be entered.

The names that users see are made up of a combination of segment values. The segment values are displayed, not the meanings.

Avoid segments containing information that may change regularly. There is no history of changes to the combinations you create. For example, do not define minimum and maximum values for grades as segments of the Grade flexfield.

Analysis Information

The People Group and Personal Analysis flexfields let you add key information to records of employee assignments and people. You can use the individual segments of these flexfields to identify or report on specific groups of people.

Payroll Costing

The Cost Allocation key flexfield is used to collect and to accumulate costs associated with running a payroll.

What You Must Set Up

The key flexfields are central to Oracle HRMS, therefore you must create certain definitions before you can set up your Business Group.

Job, Position, And Grade Key Flexfields

People Group Key Flexfield

Personal Analysis Key Flexfield

Cost Allocation Key Flexfield

Creating Key Flexfield Database Items

The Create Key Flexfield DB Items process turns data in key flexfields into database items that Oracle FastFormula can access. It is essential to run this process whenever you create or change the Grade, Job, Position, or People Group key flexfield definitions. Submit the process from the Submit Requests window.

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