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User Definable Descriptive Flexfields

All window blocks in which you can enter information contain a user definable descriptive flexfield. You decide in which blocks you want to record additional information. Each user definable descriptive flexfield has 20 segments that you can define. After you define a descriptive flexfield, Oracle HRMS treats the segments as part of the window.

For each segment, you can define its prompt, the type of data it can contain, and the values a user can enter. You can provide a list or range of valid values. You also control the size and display characteristics of each segment and the order in which the segments appear.

You can define two types of descriptive flexfield segments:

Attention: Some descriptive flexfields appear in more than one window. For example, the Additional Evaluation Details flexfield appears in the Job Evaluation window and the Position Evaluation window.

Check all of the windows that use a descriptive flexfield before you define any of the segments. This is especially important if you intend to make the flexfield context sensitive to another field. You must ensure that the reference field is present in all of the windows that use the flexfield.

Refer to Table A - 1 for a full list of descriptive flexfields in Oracle HRMS.

Creating Descriptive Flexfield Database Items

You can use descriptive flexfield segments in QuickPaint reports and formulas if there are database items for these segments. Table A - 1 marks the descriptive flexfields for which you can create database items. To do this you run the Create Descriptive Flexfield DB Items process. It is essential to run this process from the Submit Requests window whenever you create or change these descriptive flexfield definitions.

Note: The process can only create database items for global segments. It does not create database items for context-sensitive segments.

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