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Changing Address Styles

Address styles vary between countries, so Oracle HRMS provides two descriptive flexfields that use context sensitive segments to hold each line of an address.

Title Table Name Window Title
Personal Address Information PER_ADDRESSES Address, Applicant Entry
Location Address HR_LOCATIONS Location, Organization

The available address styles are defined as the contexts for these flexfields. The values used are the territory codes. These codes can be found in the FND_TERRITORIES table. You can have only one Address Style for each Territory in the FND_TERRITORIES table.

Address styles are provided as startup data in these flexfields. If you require additional address styles, you need to define a new context and segments.

To change the address style for any country, disable those segments you do not want to use. Then define new segments to record your own information. However, these changes will be overwritten when you upgrade Oracle HRMS.

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