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Using Grades

Grades are normally used to record the relative status of employee assignments and to determine compensation and benefits, such as salary, overtime rates, and company car.

Using Grades to Compare Roles

You can define one or more valid grades for each job or position. You enter this information in the Valid Grades window, which opens from the Job window or the Position window.

When you enter a grade assignment, the list of grades shows which ones are valid for the job or position you select.

See: Valid Grades

Associating Grades with Compensation and Benefits

You can associate compensation and benefits with your grades. For example, you can record a minimum or maximum salary for a grade. There are two approaches:

Attention: The compensation information can change independently of the grade. Therefore, you should not define it as part of the grade name. Instead you should relate it to the grade, either directly or indirectly.

See: Grade Relationships to Compensation and Benefits

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