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Using Oracle Human Resources with Oracle Payroll

Oracle Human Resources and Oracle Payroll are available for purchase together as the components of a closely integrated human resources management system. This system combines Oracle Human Resources and Oracle Payroll windows under a single menu structure, sharing windows and underlying tables wherever possible to eliminate redundant data entry, maintenance and storage.

For Oracle Human Resources or Oracle Payroll, you enter and maintain the same fundamental human resource information about your structure and operations, your employees and their assignments, and employee compensation and benefits. You then add the specialized information you need specifically for human resources or payroll management and administration.

Shared Information in Oracle HRMS

The common core of fundamental information used by both human resources and payroll managers and staff includes:

Shared Windows in Oracle HRMS

While many of the windows in your system relate exclusively to the human resources or payroll function, some include information relevant to both functions. These latter windows are shared windows.

Shared windows can include some information fields relevant to both human resources and payroll users, and other fields for information specific to either human resources or payroll users but not both.

Using Shared Windows

You can control the use of fields on shared windows by the value your system administrator gives to each user or responsibility for the HR:User Type profile option. The three valid values are:

Users with an HR User profile are restricted in their use of fields on certain windows. In particular:

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